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12./13.8.2017 Terrierspezialshow in Hamburg(D)

13.08. Judge Mrs. Tina Deipenbrock (D)

JuJu-Hjo vom Smaragd - Exc 1, VDH, CAC, BOS

12.08. Judge Mrs. Olga Dolejsova (CZ)

JuJu-Hjo vom Smaragd - Exc 2, Res. VDH, Res CAC

29.07.2017 Terrierspecialshow in Mittenwalde (D)

Judge Mr. Andrew Beare/Irl

JuJu-Hjo vom Smaragd - Exc1, VDH, CAC, BOB

08./09.07.2017 in Paaren/Glien (D)

08.07. Judge Mr. W. Jungblut:

Lola-Gianni vom Smaragd - Ex1, JuniorCAC

JuJu-Hjo vom Smaragd - Ex1, CAC, BOB

09.07. Judge Mrs. M. Zakrzewska

Lola-Gianni vom Smaragd - Ex1, JuniorCAC, BOS

JuJu-Hjo vom Smaragd - Ex2, Res. VDH, Res. CAC


2 nationale shows in Gorzow/Wlkp. (PL) on one day

on both shows :

Lola-Gianni vom Smaragd - Ex1, JuniorCWC, BOB

JuJu-Hjo vom Smaragd - Ex1, CWC

CAC-Show Kröpelin at 29./30.04.2017

The first show for our youngsters Lola. She won BOB on both shows. I'm very proud of my little girl.

Lola-Gianni vom Smaragd

29.04. Judge Martin Philipps (GB) , Juniorclass Exc1, JCAC, BH, BOB

30.04. Judge Torsten Lemmr (BG), Juniorclass Exc1, JCAC, BH, BOB

Thanks Micha

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